Amsterdam Blast Events: The Future Is Blast!




Amsterdam Blast Events: The Future Is Blast!

Op 15-02-2020 van 22:00 uur tot 05:00 uur

JACK Amsterdam
Hogehilweg 20
1101 CD Amsterdam

►Lucky Freak Ticket: 12,00 (inc. fee) (SOLD OUT)
►Regular Freak Ticket: 14,50 (inc. fee)(Until 14-02 @ midnight)
►Door Ticket: 17,50

►Support the Blast Ticket: €20,00 (inc. fee)
(An optional ticket for people who are just as passionate about this music as us, and who want to see a lot more of it in Amsterdam. Anyone who can (and wants) to pay a little extra will help us in our continued efforts to build the scene in Amsterdam. There will be a small surprise waiting for you. ;)

Pre-sale tickets:

☢️APOLLYON • live (United Kingdom) • First time in NL

☢️POPEK • live (France) • First time in NL
📣O.V.N.I Rec.

☢️GURGAMESH • live (Sweden) • First time in NL
📣HippyFlip Rec.

☢️LOGIC PSYCHO • live (Austria) • First time in NL
📣Masters of Puppets / Wachuma Rec.

☢️KYBORG • dj-set (Netherlands)
📣Psychedelic Rave / Portals

☢️IDIOBLAST • dj-set (Netherlands)
📣Warromaja Rec. / Insane Azylum Rec.

Meer informatie:
🌀Live painting by Kevin Mallon

🌀Shops by:
- Crazysun HandMade Action
- Knotting Fairy & Viking Crafts


Additional information:
►Lockers available
►Smoking on the rooftop (not inside)
►Pin & cash possible at door & bar
►STRICTLY No photo/video allowed
This location aims for every visitor to freely express themselves without worrying about ending up on social media somewhere. So please keep this rule in mind at all times.

🌀Projection Mapping by PenguinBlend

🌀String Art by Tsinia

🌀Deco by TabulaRasa

Organisator: *** Amsterdam Blast Events ***
Bron: Goabase

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