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    BunkerBlast II: Return to the Bunker Op 18-04-2020 van 20:00 uur tot 02:00 uur Locatie: VondelBunker Vondelpark 8a 1071 AA Amsterdam Toegangsprijs: > Free entrance > Max capacity: 125 people Lineup: Line up: 😈DistortedAtmosFear / live (BE) 👉Warromaja Rec. / Horrordelic Rec. 😈HighOhm / live (PT) 👉Kamayura Rec. 😈Trauma Epileptica / live 👉Quantum Legacy Rec. 😈Deadlock / live debut 👉Independent 😈Melted Circuits / live debut 👉Sick Lion Rec. 😈IDIOBLAST 👉Warromaja Rec. / Insane Azylum Rec. Meer informatie: We return to the Bunker for another Blast! A lot has happened since our very first event back in May 2019. Back then we wanted to try-out the scene for fast Psytrance in this city. With a total of 3 blast-events in 2019 we think we managed to get our foot down in Amsterdam and therefore the concept for our BunkerBlast has changed: BunkerBlast is now an 'open stage' kind of party meant to showcase the work of beginning artists who need a chance to show their sound to the world. Because the scene for uptempo in the Netherlands is so small there is a lot of talent that sits in the studio and never gets a chance to play. We want to change that! If you are interested don't hesitate to send us a message with your work. :) ** Max capacity: 125 people ** Decoratie: 💮 TabulaRasa Deco&Design More t.b.a. Organisator: Amsterdam Blast Events Bron: Goabase
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    Quantum Tribe (journey into psytrance) Op 20-03-2020 van 23:00 uur tot 06:00 uur Locatie: Gas 19 Toegangsprijs: €7,50, cash only Lineup: Mr. Mushroom Man Semantics Shivanki Aries Darzid Bron: Goabase
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    Amsterdam Blast Events: The Future Is Blast! Op 15-02-2020 van 22:00 uur tot 05:00 uur Locatie: JACK Amsterdam Hogehilweg 20 1101 CD Amsterdam Toegangsprijs: Tickets: ►Lucky Freak Ticket: 12,00 (inc. fee) (SOLD OUT) ►Regular Freak Ticket: 14,50 (inc. fee)(Until 14-02 @ midnight) ►Door Ticket: 17,50 ►Support the Blast Ticket: €20,00 (inc. fee) (An optional ticket for people who are just as passionate about this music as us, and who want to see a lot more of it in Amsterdam. Anyone who can (and wants) to pay a little extra will help us in our continued efforts to build the scene in Amsterdam. There will be a small surprise waiting for you. ;) Pre-sale tickets: Lineup: ☢️APOLLYON • live (United Kingdom) • First time in NL 🎵 📣Independent ☢️POPEK • live (France) • First time in NL 🎵 📣O.V.N.I Rec. ☢️GURGAMESH • live (Sweden) • First time in NL 🎵 📣HippyFlip Rec. ☢️LOGIC PSYCHO • live (Austria) • First time in NL 🎵 📣Masters of Puppets / Wachuma Rec. ☢️KYBORG • dj-set (Netherlands) 🎵 📣Psychedelic Rave / Portals ☢️IDIOBLAST • dj-set (Netherlands) 🎵 📣Warromaja Rec. / Insane Azylum Rec. Meer informatie: 🌀Live painting by Kevin Mallon 🌀Shops by: - Crazysun HandMade Action - Knotting Fairy & Viking Crafts ============================ Additional information: ►Lockers available ►Smoking on the rooftop (not inside) ►Pin & cash possible at door & bar ►STRICTLY No photo/video allowed This location aims for every visitor to freely express themselves without worrying about ending up on social media somewhere. So please keep this rule in mind at all times. Decoratie: 🌀Projection Mapping by PenguinBlend 🌀String Art by Tsinia 🌀Deco by TabulaRasa Organisator: *** Amsterdam Blast Events *** Bron: Goabase
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    Bom Voyage: Radiate "We are in Space" Op 07-03-2020 van 23:00 uur tot 07:00 uur Locatie: Radion Amsterdam Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam Toegangsprijs: Regular Pre-sale: EUR €18,50 (Ticket: € 17,00 + €1.50 booking fee) Door EUR €23,50 See you on the dance floor, stay psychedelic and Bom Voyage ;) Ticketlink: Lineup: Bom Voyage Floor 🚀 Juanmad - Believe Lab, SP 🚀 Meerkat - Padang Records, IRL 🚀 Back to Mars - Omveda Records, BR / NL 🚀 Diplodocus - Gloom Music & Catar Records, SP / NL 🚀 Tulpa - Modular Moon, LV / NL 🚀 Chullachaqui - ElektroMagnetik / Boomshankar Prod, BE DEEP Floor 🔈 Alic - Digital Diamonds, DE 🔈 Agog - Padang Records, SP / NL 🔈 Adamson - Digital Diamonds, DE 🔈 Geometek - Boomshankar Prod, BE 🔈 Mestizo - Independent, PT / SP Meer informatie: RADIATE: “We are in Space” a Psytrance night powered by Bom Voyage and DEEP, taking you into an exciting venue in Amsterdam! On Saturday 7th March, you will be able to enjoy Psytrance at a location established as an essential part of the Amsterdam nightlife and considered one of the best clubs in town: RADION! This cultural hotspot is situated at the ACTA building in the south of Amsterdam, nearby the Nieuwe Meer, an ideal place to escape the busy city, that is still easily reachable by bike. Radiate, “ We are in space” will count with two floors: Bom Voyage with Forest, Groovy Psy and Dark Prog, and Deep with Psytech and Techno. Decoratie: The deco and visual teams are preparing whole new projects for this event! Organisator: Bom Voyage & DEEP Bron: Goabase
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    Psychedelic B-day Rave (Psymax / D-Lerium) Op 08-02-2020 van 22:00 uur tot 06:00 uur Locatie: Pop Dijkemaweg 31b Groningen (NL) Toegangsprijs: FREE PARTY!!! Lineup: Area 1: Psychedelic trance ---------------- - Nendis - Psymax - Tranceluz - Stonehammer - D-Lerium ================================ Area 2: Chill out --------------- T.B.A. ================================ Meer informatie: What to expect!!! Psychedelic tunes all night long, happy people, eye-candy, balloon rides ;-) , low cost drinks, dance floor, chill area...ow... and it's a FREE PARTY!!!!! ==================================== *** CASH ONLY*** *** CASH ONLY*** *** CASH ONLY*** NO ATM / PIN AVAILABLE ==================================== Decoratie: Insiders, Flowing with the glowing Bron: Goabase
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    KukiLuki w/ Lyserg Zwerg, Feliniti, Dr. Escher Op 25-01-2020 van 23:00 uur tot 06:00 uur Locatie: Brebl Waalbandijk 14e Nijmegen Toegangsprijs: 7,5 presale 10 at the door Tickets available here: Lineup: MAIN STAGE: FELINITI From this amazing DJane we may expect a fluent mix of dark progressive with luscious, groovy hints of other electronic genres such as minimal and deep tech. DR. ESCHER Crossing the bridge between moody and mad, the proprietary blend of Dr. Escher hits that perfect balance of dark atmospheres and sonic craziness. LYSERG ZWERG (live) Any leftover senses of sanity will be left behind with Lyserg Zwerg. His music is definitely on the far end of the spectrum of forest psytrance. Meer informatie: Another amazing edition of KukiLuki is in the can! Get ready for the next round of fresh and dark psychedelic music. Organisator: KukiLuki Bron: Goabase
  7. Bender

    PSY (Night of) The White Metal Rat

    PSY (Night of) The White Metal Rat Op 01-02-2020 van 22:00 uur tot 08:00 uur Locatie: Ruigoord CHURCH Toegangsprijs: presale 11,- door 15,- Lineup: Tim Tiddy VOQ BadikM Cin-D RUMP3LST!LTSK! Meer informatie: A psychedelic celebration of the Year of the Rat Decoratie: visuals: Fratsemacher deco: Dutch Underground Crew Organisator: Ruygoort Kabouterhuys (Home of da Gnomes) Bron: Goabase
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    BoomBats & Greentree records presents Ostara Op 21-03-2020 van 23:00 uur tot 08:00 uur Locatie: Catharinaplein 21, 5611 DE Eindhoven Toegangsprijs: ----entree----- 2de fase € 15,- (exclusief servicekosten) 2de fase € 17,50 (exlusief servicekosten) 3de fase € 20,- (exclusief servicekosten) Lineup: Boombats & GreenTree Records presents: Ostara Verdeeld over 3 podia vieren Boombats en GreenTree de lente. Kom en dans met ons mee tijdens Ostara ---- line up mainstage ---- M-THEORY (Blacklite Records) UK Journey OM (Free-Spirit Records) IT Microtech (GreenTree Records) DE Foose (GreenTree Records) BE Liken (BoomBats) NL Semantics GreenTree Records NL +++more soon+++ ----line up alternative stage----- Mikari (GreenTree Records) DE VOQ NL Dj Norion (GreenTree Records- Dacru rec.) BE 20NE (BoomBats) NL Shaiman (Boombats) NL Aztekk from The Higher Mentalists (BoomBats) NL -----Chill out---- Psygasus (GreenTree Records) BE Morphogenetic Fields (GreenTree Records DE De Oerwout DJ (GreenTree Records) BE Foose (GreenTree Records) BE Dj Roy (GreenTree Records) BE Decoratie: ----decorations by---- L'altro andrea BoomBats & OPL Organisator: BoomBats & Greentree records Bron: Goabase
  9. Bender


    Maleficarum Op 07-03-2020 van 23:00 uur tot 06:00 uur Toegangsprijs: Lineup: Ingrained Instincts(Sangoma Rec.)Live Spiritual Identity (Maniac Production) more tba soon... Decoratie: U-Helica Projekt Organisator: Maleficarum Collective Bron: Goabase
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    Psygathering on tour:Talamasca , Waio and much more Op 18-01-2020 van 22:00 uur tot 06:00 uur Locatie: PKHS Heuvelring 94, 5038cl Tilburg, Netherlands Toegangsprijs: Early birds: €15 incl. sales fee Normal birds: €21 incl. sales fee Doorsale : €25 Lineup: █▓▒░░ Line Up ░░▒▓█ ✦ Talamasca ✦ (Mind Control Music) FR ✦ Waio ✦ (Waio Music) BRA ✦ Alienatic ✦ (Psychedelic Rave) NL ✦ Dj Firaga ✦ (Psygathering Records) BE ✦ SynSUN ✦ (Mainstage Records) UA ✦ Jape Du Marie ✦ (Global Aura) NL Meer informatie: TICKETS: (starts 15 november 2019) Early birds: €15 incl. sales fee Normal birds: €21 incl. sales fee Doorsale : €25 ▒░ Things to leave at home ▒░ - Drugs - Own drinks - Bad vibes ▒░ Rules ▒░ • No smoking inside the venue, there will be a smoking area provided • Zero tolerance towards drugs, aggression and general misconduct • Party safe and be nice to each other! Decoratie: psyberration kwallenfabriek and more Organisator: psygathering Bron: Goabase
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    The -S- Xperience Presents: 🎄🎄🎄 "THE CHRISTMAS CUCKOO" 🎄🎄🎄 Op 26-12-2019 van 23:00 uur tot 07:00 uur Locatie: Waalhalla, Winselingseweg 12, Nijmegen Toegangsprijs: Lineup: 🔴 area one GENESSIS PsyTrance/Fullon 🔴 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Back to Mars (BR) 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Legion-Aka Megafonix (UK) 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Takaani & Ksenia Schut 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 (electric violin) 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 THÔR 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Alienatic 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 DJ Mad (ES) 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Locus (BE) 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ 🔴 area two LEVIATHAN Progressive/TechHouse/Techno 🔴 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Roi Koch 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Jesse Marcinski 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 De Jager 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。✯🎄 Daniela Haverbeck A.K.A. Rapunzel (CL)🎄☆゚.*・✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Jeane Isadou 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄Oker🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Luuk Kielen 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ 🔴 area three BEHEMOTH Jungle/Drum'n'Bass 🔴 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Thizl 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Minor Setback 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Agent Orange 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 @Vignesh 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Teddius_ 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ 🔴 area four BASILICA OF THE NATIVITY Groovie Silent Chill 🔴 🎧 2 DJ's are playing at the same time and playing totally different chill music, choose on your headphones the DJ you would like to hear 🎧 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄Dj ions🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Sounds of Snow 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Invisible Ralf 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Taktyle 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Electric Embargo live🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Lydia Nexus (DE) 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Aeon Cosmowyn 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Jesse Marcinski 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ Meer informatie: BODY PAINTING by ☆゚🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Clara Krieger 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 BUBBLES by 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Bubblusion 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 SHOP and FOOD by 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Dreamvault 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 OSAKA BALL 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 PHOTO'S by 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Puck de Groot Photography 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Decoratie: VISUALS & ART by 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Sun and Moon Deko 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 A Visual Conspiracy 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Lost in Strings 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 KiWieke Art & Design 🎄☆゚.*・。゚✯🎄 Organisator: The -S- Xperience Bron: Goabase
  12. Bender

    Syraforest II

    Syraforest II Op 11-04-2020 van 20:00 uur tot 02:00 uur Locatie: Park 1, 5671 GA Nuenen. Nuenen is close to Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands. You can take a bus from Eindhoven to Nuenen, Park. Toegangsprijs: €6,- Lineup: Liondelix [Omni Vibes] Jan Renders (Analog live set) Syraforest (Live band set) [Omni Vibes] P.O.P.E. [Life of Psy] Mr. Mushroom Man [Quantum Tribe] Das Findelkind [Omni Vibes] Organisator: Syraforest Bron: Goabase
  13. Bender

    D.A.F party

    D.A.F party Op 07-12-2019 van 22:00 uur tot 08:00 uur Locatie: RUIGOORD 76, AMSTERDAM Toegangsprijs: 15€ Lineup: Dutchacidfamily and friends Meer informatie: Oewaarde Medegenietersch des Levensch!! Wij van het Oudhollandsch Lysergeenzuur Genootschap, edoch beter bekend onder de moderne noemer Dutch Acid Family, hebben het beduidend verstandige besluit genomen weer eens stevig van leer te trekken. Van jetje te geven, aan den boemel te gaan ofwel den bloemen buiten te zetten. Is dit een bericht naar uw oren? Voegt u zich dan bij ons op den danschvloer. Eerstkomende 7 December te Ruigoord Kerk. Namens DAF Bron: Goabase
  14. tot
    Quantum Tribe (journey into psytrance) Op 10-01-2020 van 23:00 uur tot 06:00 uur Locatie: Gas 19 Vlaamsegas 6511HR Nijmegen Toegangsprijs: €7,50 at the door, cash only Lineup: Mr. Mushroom Man Matka (Daniela Haverbeck) AudioForce Mr. Mushroom Man Meer informatie: Special action: First 30 visitors receive a token for consumption for free. Bron: Goabase
  15. Bender


    TRANCE ORIENT EXPRESS into 2020 Op 31-12-2019 van 19:00 uur tot 08:00 uur Locatie: Trance Orient Express Ruigoord 76 1047HH Amsterdam Toegangsprijs: PRESALE: €27.14 (€25.00 + €2.14 service fee) DOOR: EUR 25 (if available) Lineup: LIFTSHIFT - Zero1 Music, Netherlands HASHASHIN - World People Prod, Belgium LX-D - Zero1 Music / Synaptic Eclipse, Germany SBIO - Psylosophia Lab, Italy POLO - Dutch Acid Family, Netherlands MART FADER - PsyFusion, Netherlands ASTRONUTS - Trance Orient Express - Netherlands CHAAKRA - Trance Orient Express - Netherlands Meer informatie: TRAVEL: from Amsterdam Sloterdijk take bus 382 direction IJmuiden and stop at Ruigoord. TIMETABLE: 19:00 - 21:00 POLO 21:00 - 23:00 ASTRONUTS 23:00 - 00:30 CHAAKRA 00:30 - 02:00 LIFTSHIFT 02:00 - 03:30 LX-D 03:30 - 05:00 HASHASHIN 05:00 - 06:30 SBIO
06:30 - 08:00 MART FADER Decoratie: DECO & VISUALS: BOOMSHANKAR PROD, Belgium Organisator: Trance Orient Express Bron: Goabase